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FOWM #255 - A Place for Reconciliation in South Sudan

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A Place for Reconciliation in South Sudan

In February 2013, Walgak, South Sudan, made international headlines due to the massacre of more than 100 people in an ongoing tribal conflict between the Muerle and Nuer people. Ethnic tension and clashes between some of the 64 varied ethnic groups has periodically flared up ever since South Sudan gained its independence from Sudan in July 2011. The tragedy in Walgak was one of the worst in South Sudan’s short but difficult history.

Since South Sudan gained independence, the Evangelical Covenant Church of South Sudan and Ethiopia (ECCSSE) has been an important player in both the government’s and its efforts to bring reconciliation and peace between the different ethnic groups. Right after independence, South Sudan’s government invited Covenant global personnel Rev. James Tang and the leaders of the ECCSSE to lead well-received workshops on reconciliation in the capital of Juba and elsewhere.

In its ministry since independence, the ECCSSE has continued its focus on community-building through relief and development projects alongside seminars on peace and reconciliation. Leaders of the ECCSSE continue to be invited to troubled areas of the country to call people to reconciliation both to Christ and to each other. The ECCSSE is well known for their powerful teachings on peace and reconciliation.

This project will build a community center in the town of Walgak. The center will house a primary school, community activities aimed at building relationships between ethnic groups, and a local church for all ethnic groups. We invite you through this FOWM project to join the ECCSSE in their efforts to work for peace and reconciliation in Walgak and the surrounding community.